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Summer camps 2022

"When can we get on the swing in Prod again?". We get asked about it all year long. The summer camps are the highlight of the year for our children and teens from Seleus, Nemsa, Copsa and Saros. At the end of July the time had finally come: the first children's camp for the little ones began. The 40 children entered the camp site full of excitement and fully packed suitcases. Of course, they ran to the trampoline and swings first. Normal, or? 

The theme of the camp was: "Turn around- God calls people back to the right path". Every morning and evening we met at the church to sing together and listen to a Bible story. In addition to the good food, the water games also provided a lot of joy. During the lunch break, the children had the opurtunity to have a tiger or a princess painted on their face or to make a bracelet. In the evening, as always, the campfire was a special moment. But the bouncy castle also provided a lot of entertainment. For our team these 5 days are very important. We finally have time to spoil the children and get to know them better. A YWAM team from Hainichen supported us in the first children's camp. The second camp was for the teenagers. Also for them it was great to leave their home for a few days and have fun with us and encounter God. 

The first camp was characterized by games and entertainment. The second went a little deeper. The teens were very open and we had some very good conversations. It also helped that our supporting team from Ebrach consisted of many young Romanian people. 

All glory to God! We had a wonderful time, everything was taken care of and we were protected from accidents. We are already looking forward to the camps next year! 

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