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Great time with team from Holland

Serving with Restore means we have the great opportunity to host teams from all over Europe. Because we have so many ministries people easily can take part in, Restore is a popular destination for DTS outreach teams, bible schools and other groups that want to take part in short time missions. We are blessed by the teams, and we also see that it's a blessing for them to be able to serve with us.


During the months of December and January we had a team from the YWAM-base in Heidebeek, Holland who served with us for multiple weeks. They were a great help in our After School programs, Youth groups and did many outreaches. One great thing we got to do together was to hand out bibles to all of the kids in After School. We are so thankful that this team bought all the bibles and brought them here to the kids.


Here you can read some of the testimonies from the team themselves:


I am amazed to see how many villages are blessed by Restore Ministry.

So many people are reached by them everyday, families and children! I loved working with Restore Ministry to see how they connect with people and how they give so much of themselves while trusting God for everything. My experience made me realized I really want to do mission in my daily life. I got touched by their big hearts and their courage. 

I experienced Restore Ministry as a ministry that works really hard. They go all in for the people who need their help, and that is a lot of people. They have a heart for what they do, and you can see the love they carry. So for me it was a privilege to work with Restore Ministry.

My time with YWAM Restore Ministry was good. It was a time full of ministries. We could do a lot, like children ministries and women ministries. I was amazed by how the people were open for us. For our words, for the change that God wanted to do in their lives. They invited us to come into their houses, to pray with them, to talk with them. That was really nice. Also the children ministries were nice, to see the children every week again, to recognize them, to share a Bible story with them and to dance with them. It was a good time!

I’ve really enjoyed working together with Ywam Restore. We got so much space to share and give what we had as a team and saw God do so many things in people's lives. It was a privilege to harvest and plant from the hard work this team has been doing for a long time.

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